Used Hockey Equipment

As hockey parents, we find out VERY fast how expensive the sport can be.  Generally, the fees alone are more than most other sports your child can play.  Once you start buying equipment for your child, the costs of playing hockey can increase exponentially. 


Finding used hockey equipment can help you save a significant amount of money over the long run.  While your child is young, new equipment is less important than the quality.  You'd rather have your child skate in a 2-year old pair of high end Bauer skates, rather than a new pair of low end Bauer stakes.


If you live in a place that doesn't have stores with used hockey equipment, eBay is a great resource to help you find some used hockey gear.  The main problem with eBay is sifting through the thousands of products that are available.  We are trying to make it easy for you.  If you follow the links below, they will take you to very specific products on eBay that are tailored to your needs.


If you aren't sure of sizing, please reference our Hockey Equipment Sizing page to ensure a quality fit.


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